Cowboys Reveal If They Expect Mike McCarthy To Return

Yesterday’s playoff loss has opened speculation about the future direction of Dallas Cowboys head Coach Mike McCarthy.

McCarthy seems to be in good health at the moment. At least, that’s the public statement made by Cowboys brass.

Stephen Jones, Cowboys executive vice-president, stated that he was “very confident” McCarthy will be Dallas’ head coach by 2022.

McCarthy may not be as confident today because Jones didn’t say it. Things can change at any time, especially when Stephen’s father Jerry Jones is making the final call.

McCarthy was criticized for his team’s sloppy play, and his curious game management during Sunday’s wild card loss to San Francisco 49ers 23-17. The final play, which was a disaster, was the topic for discussion among analysts and fans after the game.

According to NFL insider Michael Silver the Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore called for quarterback Dak Prescott to run with 14 seconds left and his team out timeouts. McCarthy apparently approved the decision, but it has been widely condemned.

Prescott gained 17 yards from the QB draw that went ill, but the Cowboys couldn’t get up in time to spike it and stop the clock before the time expired.

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