Former Cowboys Player Calls For Mike McCarthy To Be Fired

viewers witnessed Mike McCarthy’s Cowboys lose to the 49ers in the playoffs. One former Dallas defender, ESPN personality, is calling for McCarthy’s resignation.

Marcus Spears was fired-up after the Cowboys Wild Card Lose. He tweeted, “Get rid of the Coach!” No way bro, No damn way!”

Dallas lost to the Niners, sixth seed, at home in its playoff performance. The Cowboys could not match San Francisco’s physicality from the first word “go”. McCarthy’s team was unable to take advantage of the 49ers losing two key players due to injury.

The Cowboys’ final drive was perhaps the most critical of McCarthy during the loss. The coaching staff was again criticized for their  wrong quarterback draw in the last seconds of the game. After which, the ball wasn’t able to get spotted in time for one last play.

Although McCarthy’s disappointing loss wasn’t entirely on him, it was a significant setback for his team. The Cowboys’ multimillion-dollar offensive men: Dak Preston, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper didn’t make the plays they claimed to.

Despite this, Jimmy G and the 49ers sent the Cowboys home because of symptoms that plagued them for most of the year.



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