CeeDee Lamb Was Asked If He’s Faster Than Kyler Murray

The Arizona Cardinals will face off against the Dallas Cowboys in a thrilling NFC matchup.

This Wednesday afternoon, Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee lamb was asked by reporters how his speed compares with that of Cardinals quarterback Kyler. Both stars were teammates at Oklahoma.

Although Lamb claims he is deceptively fast, he has a slight advantage over Murray in terms overall speed.

Lamb said that his speed was deceiving . “He’s quicker than me. No question. No question.

Lamb’s speed is a major reason why he’s enjoying a strong season here in Dallas. Lamb, a former first-round selection, currently has 74 catches and 1,006 yards. He also scored six touchdowns.

Murray’s speed is what sets him apart among quarterbacks. Murray, the former No. The former No. 1 overall pick has 1,707 yards rushing and 20 touchdowns in 300 attempts since joining the league in 2019.

Murray will be under control by the Cowboys defense this Sunday. Murray could become dangerous out in open field if he doesn’t keep contain.

The Cardinals have to find a solution for Lamb. This Oklahoma product will be playing a major game.

Kickoff for the Cardinals-Cowboys match is at 4:25 pm. ET on FOX

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