Cowboys legend Jimmy Johnson drops truth bomb on Jerry Jones retaining Mike McCarthy

The Dallas Cowboys failed to reach their Super Bowl goals this season and lost against the San Francisco 49ers in the Wild Card round. Owner Jerry Jones decided to  keep Mike McCarthy as head coach. The team was able to reach its goals and managed to keep both its coordinators after Kellen Moore and Dan Quinn failed to secure head coaching positions elsewhere.

Jimmy Johnson, a former Cowboys coach, appeared on The Herd Monday. He shared some eye-opening information about Jones, who has a turbulent history with him.

Johnson spoke out about Jones’ former boss and said that Jones “doesn’t ever want to admit that he was wrong” and that Jones is “going to hang around with anyone and make it work.”

Johnson was referring to Jones’ decision to keep McCarthy as Dallas’ head coach despite doubts about his ability to do the job. Johnson believes Jones will stick with McCarthy because of McCarthy’s stubborn nature and refusal admit when he is wrong. Johnson was not shy in assessing Jones’ decisions as owner of the team. He cited Jason Garrett’s long tenure and the fact Jones brought McCarthy back to the team for Year 2.

Johnson, who led the Cowboys to two Super Bowl wins during his five-year tenure, is the Cowboys’ most successful head coach. After Johnson was fired from the team, their relationship soured and they never spoke for 20 years. Johnson still hasn’t forgotten his ex-boss, despite their having a good relationship.

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