WATCH: Micah Parsons chases down Patrick Mahomes in Pro Bowl

Micah Parsons, the Dallas Cowboys’ rookie star, showed his speed in the NFL Pro Bowl. He chased down Patrick Mahomes while he ran out of the pocket. Parsons seems to be on a rookie mission this year to make defense shine at the Pro Bowl.

Micah Parsons, a rookie in the NFL, warned his teammates that he would bring his energy to the Pro Bowl. Parsons fulfilled his promise to pursue the AFC’s quarterbacks after the first half expired and Mahomes was trying to do his magic.

Parsons saw Mahomes begin to sprint for one more pass and chased him down to the ground for the sack. Parsons, unlike most other players, was more interested in trying to take Mahomes’ football.

“I’m going hard as heck. I’m going to be like Sean Taylor out in that joint. I’m telling you: They’re going to tell me to slow down. They’re going to be so mad. So mad,” said Parsons before the game.

Parsons’ competitive spirit was a fitting fit for the Pro Bowl. His teammates kept hyping him up after his performance. After the sack, Mahomes made sure to acknowledge Parsons. The rookie linebacker also made sure that he didn’t hurt the star quarterback.

Parsons wins the NFL’s fastest man race
Parsons won the Pro Bowl skills competition’s fastest man race, shocking the NFL world. Parsons faced tough competition from the rest of his field, including Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hills, Cleveland Browns runningback Nick Chubb, and Cowboys cornerback Trevon diggs.

Parson said that he would not have won the race if Hill wasn’t fully healthy after winning it. Hill is still recuperating from the AFC Championship last week, when he had seven receptions of 78 yards and one touchdown in Chiefs’ defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Parsons stated, “I know that he’s not coming out here and doing his best.” He just played a few days ago. He is the fastest man in league. “I’m happy to be somewhere in between.”

Parsons acknowledged that he would like some recognition for his efforts. Parsons had a message to send to the Madden creators.

Parsons jokingly said, “I do want a Madden95 speed, however.”

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