Emmitt Smith Has Hilarious Admission About Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman enjoyed a very successful time with the Dallas Cowboys. He won three Super Bowls and earned six Pro Bowl honors. He may not have had as much time to enjoy these moments.

Emmitt Smith, a former Cowboys running back, was interviewed by Pat McAfee on to learn more about Aikman’s leadership qualities.

“He was so focused I don’t know if Troy Aikman had a good time playing football,” Smith said. “I think he’s having a better time right now calling the game and looking at the game from a different perspective than when he was actually playing.”

Smith stated that Troy Aikman was “so focused, I don’t think he had a good experience playing football.” “I believe he is having a better experience calling the game right now and seeing the game from a new perspective than when he was actually playing.”

Smith said that Aikman was under a lot pressure as the Cowboys’ quarterback. Maybe that was why he was so focused throughout his career.

This is a testament to how focused and focused quarterbacks must be to win at the championship level.

Aikman should contact Smith to let Smith know that he had a good time on the gridiron.

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