Cowboys coaches speak out on Dak Prescott’s injury status after win over Washington

Dak Prescott , the Dallas Cowboys QB, suffered a minor injury during their win against Washington Football Team. Prescott has had some injuries in the past. Fans and front offices are concerned when a major-name player is injured.

Calvin Watkins reported, “The Cowboys coaches made their remarks about whether Dak was in good health or not.”

Kellen Moore: “Yeah, Dak’s healthy.”

Mike McCarthy: “Yeah, he’s healthy. He’s a little sore. He took a few hits in the game, but yeah, he’s healthy.”

This is good news for the Cowboys as Prescott will need to be as healthy and fit as possible if they are to make any noise in playoffs. Although they haven’t been playing very well of late, they still hold a strong lead in the NFC East with a three-game advantage over Washington Football Team. Dallas looks set to win the division, and their biggest concern is staying healthy.

Prescott’s performance this season has been remarkable as he has been the driving force behind most of the Cowboys’ success. He has 3,381 yards and 24 touchdowns for the year, which is both among the top-10 in the NFL.

In Week 15, Dallas will take on the New York Giants. The Cowboys may give Dak some time off if he isn’t feeling 100%. They should still be able win the game without him.

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