Report: NFL makes decision on penalty for La’el Collins ejection

La’el Collins was expelled from Sunday’s match against Washington Football Team after the NFL made a decision. Ian Rapoport from the NFL Network stated that the league would not suspend the Dallas Cowboys starting right tackle.

Instead, he will be fined for his actions. It occurred during the fourth quarter.

Dak Prescott, quarterback, was moving towards the sideline when he lost control of the ball and threw it downfield. Will Bradley-King, a Washington defensive end, pushed Prescott just before he stepped out of bounds. The Cowboys reacted with outrage, and La’el Collins came in to fight Bradley-King.

Ezekiel Elliot, the running back, was also involved.

Collins was kicked out of the game after he threw a punch. This will be the latest in a long line of games that the right tackle has missed during this season.

Collins commented on the post-game scuffle, saying that it wasn’t the late hit Collins was so upset about. He accused Bradley King of trying to hurt Prescott. This was something that the right tackle wasn’t okay with.

Collins stated that the play that resulted in his expulsion was not the late hit. “I felt it was more, I felt like Dak was rolling towards my leg. It was not necessary. It was uncalled for.

“You won’t take cheap shots at guys. That type of game is not what we play. We simply line up our balls and get out there to play. We don’t play dirty and we don’t do any of that. We won’t take any bullshit.

Although the play was not as dangerous as other hits in the NFL, it made sense for Collins to pay more attention to Prescott’s ankles after his previous injury. Due to the rivalry between Washington and Dallas, tensions were high on both sides. The winner of their two meetings will likely decide the NFC East division.

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