WATCH: Tony Pollard flies by Bengals defense, scores TD on ensuing play

Although it took them four quarters to score their first touchdown the Cowboys now have two in one quarter. With linebacker Micah Parsons’ 3rd sack giving the Cowboys the lead, quarterback Cooper Rush led the touchdown drive and took the offense out to the field for the second game. He didn’t have as much to do this time.

Echoing the fourth-down touchdown to Noah Brown wide receiver, Rush and Brown made a 28-yard run on 3rd-and-10 to make the drive go. Kellen Moore called for CeeDee Lamb to receive a deep pass. He was only inches away from connecting for a touchdown after the huge gain.

Tony Pollard, running back for the Bengals, found a gap in the defense and nearly outran them all. He gained 47 yards. Although initially deemed a touchdown, he was just inches short. Dallas gave Pollard a reward and he dived through to make it 14-3 in AT&T Stadium.

Although the Cowboys offense may not be in its best form this season, Rush’s performance against Cincinnati early on is a great reminder for all of us in Dallas. The picture-perfect start of Week 2 is enhanced by Pollard’s success.


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