WATCH: Micah Parsons forces fumble leading to Cowboys touchdown vs. Washington

Micah Parsons continues his monster rookie season with the Dallas Cowboys. Parsons tackled Washington’s quarterback Taylor Heinicke on Sunday. Heinicke mishandled the ball, which resulted in a Cowboys touchdown.

Parsons jumped right past the Washington offensive line and quickly got to Heinicke. Parsons made a devastating hit on Heinicke and lost the ball. The ball bounced off and Dorance was able to recover it , returning it for a touchdown.

Parsons had a total of 72 tackles, 16 tackles loss and 10 sacks. He also played multiple roles on the Cowboys’ defense, including two quarterback hits, two passes protected, two forced fumbles, and two passes defended. Parsons is the frontrunner to win the NFL’s Defensive rookie of the year award. He also has the potential to win Defensive player of the year.

Parsons was again in the backfield for his second sack of Washington’s offensive possession. The sack forced Washington to fourth and gave Dallas the ball once again.

This season, the Cowboys have had to deal with many injuries on the defensive side. Parsons has had to play more as a linebacker this season because Dallas isn’t fully healthy on its defensive line. Parsons excelled in this role. Parsons can now play at any position throughout the game, as long as the team is healthy.

Parsons’ Cowboys season has been a success, but he doesn’t want it to end. He wants to be a part of something bigger than individual accolades. Parsons wants to see the Cowboys win a Super Bowl.

Parsons stated, “The Super Bowl, playoffs. You got five games left.” There’s a lot to do… I don’t think it’s right for me to just sit there and eat Cheetos. I want to accomplish something far greater than anyone thought possible this year.

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