Cowboys Fans Have One Major Concern On Sunday Afternoon

The Dallas Cowboys currently lead the Washington Football Team by 27-8 in a crucial NFC East matchup on Sunday afternoon.

However, things are not going well for Cowboys fans.

The defense of Dallas has performed at an incredible level on Sunday, forcing many turnovers and scoring a touchdown. However, the offense has not been very good.

Dallas has as much talent on offense as any other team, but the Cowboys weren’t able to complete many drives Sunday.

It was frustrating to say the very least.



Dak Prescott, Cowboys quarterback, isn’t entirely to blame. However, he hasn’t looked 100% since his return from calf injury.

The Cowboys are 8-4 and about to turn 9-4, so it’s not a cause for panic.

The offense must start to work again if the Cowboys want to be a Super Bowl contender.

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