Watch: Cowboys Kicker Horribly Misses PAT Attempt During Practice

Officially, the Dallas Cowboys are in trouble at their kicker position.

Mike McCarthy enjoys running what he calls “MOJO Moments” during practice. It involves calling for unscripted drills.

McCarthy, for example, called the special teams unit this Saturday to get on their feet and kick a point-after-practice.

It didn’t work out. Jonathan Garibay, a rookie, failed spectacularly in his attempt.


If the Cowboys are going to be going for two touchdowns every game, they need a new kicker.

“I cannot recall ever seeing such a bad performance at kicking a place kicker.” One fan wrote, “Ever.”

“That was one the worst kicks that I have ever seen!” Another fan commented.

Many high school kickers could be better than that. The Cowboys are in serious trouble

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