Micah Parsons Reveals The No. 1 Thing That Motivates Him

Micah Parsons was a premier edge rusher and sideline linebacker who thrived in his first NFL year.

Parsons amassed 84 tackles, 13 sacks, and was named Pro Bowl, first team All-Pro, and Defensive Rookie Of The Year.

The former 12th overall pick is looking to greats from other sports to motivate him. This is something the Cowboys have not achieved in 25 years.

“The thing that keeps me driving is just my competitive nature. You look at all the great players like MJ, you look at LeBron and Kobe, they always have this drive to do something bigger than what was ever done before. Bringing a Super Bowl is where my mind’s at, and that’s what drives me.”

The young backer also has a part in Parsons’ family’s approach to the game.

“personally, I want to do for my family and this team and what I know I can accomplish with my abilities, that’s what drives me. We talk all the time about so much talent of youth and older kids that just go to waste, and I don’t want this to go to waste. I just want to be an example. That’s what drives me for my city and for my family.”

He will try to improve his rookie season and have more playoff success.

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