Video: Trevon Diggs makes Cowboys history vs. Washington, Aiden Diggs reacts

Trevon Diggs, Dallas Cowboys’ defensive back, has enjoyed one of the most successful seasons in NFL History. He continued to prove to NFL quarterbacks that if he throws his way, you will be punished and pay dearly.

Diggs intercepted the 11th pass in the 2021 campaign.

Diggs set the record for most interceptions by a Dallas Cowboys defender with the interception. It has been effortless for him all season. This talented corner is Alabama and a worthy candidate for NFL Defensive player of the Year.

You can see how Aaiden reacts to his father’s interception of his 11th pick.

There are many reasons for the Diggs family to dance. After his amazing 2021 campaign, their dad will likely get a raise in salary. This season was simply historic for . Since Everson walls in 1981, he’s the only player to have intercepted 11 passes in one season.

It has been 40 years since any player attempted it.

The Cowboys’ are simply dominating the Washington Football Team in every aspect. Diggs was able to get an interception. DeMarcus Larry had a pick six. Micah Parsons already has a sack. They have a lot of weapons in their defense Dallas and are likely to be a problem in the playoffs as long as everyone stays healthy.

Parsons can be difficult enough to stop as a pass-rusher. It is almost like having Diggs on the secondary side, at all times. His ball skills and leadership are outstanding.

It will be very interesting to see how the team finishes the season. They are dangerous when they are healthy.

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