Former NFL referee bashes missed call on Cowboys offensive lineman

Terry McAulay, a former NFL referee and Sunday Night Football Rules expert, criticized a controversial miss call on the Cowboys’ first-quarter drive that ended with a touchdown to Dalton Schultz, tight end. Third-down conversion resulted in a first-and goal play that gave Dallas a 14-0 advantage over Washington Football Team.

Terry McAulay points out that there were no penalty flags this week. This resulted in the Cowboys having the lowest number of fouls over the eight years. Then he demonstrates his disgust for officiating by saying “there is a reason.”

Then he wrote: “Ineligible downfield was never called on this play.” Below is his picture, which depicts a Cowboys offensive tackle facing downfield, almost five yards beyond the line-of-scrimmage.

The NFL rules state that an offensive lineman can’t pass more than one yard beyond a line of scrimmage for a passing play, unless he is actively blocking a defensive lineman who has initiated contact within the allowed distance. The Cowboys’ offensive player is not in contact with any defender. He is therefore an ineligible man.

The Dallas Cowboys secured a playoff berth just days before they won the NFC East division title. This was the franchise’s first trip into the playoffs since 2018.

There are three more opportunities for the Cowboys to improve before they enter the big dance. They have a home match against the Washington Football Team, followed by a game against Arizona Cardinals at home and then an away game against Philadelphia Eagles. Dallas had to win one to win the NFC East. A win tonight would be enough. The Cowboys won the NFC East thanks to their win over the Denver Broncos by the Las Vegas Raiders.

The NFC East is not a place for the Broncos nor the Raiders. If it was down to it, however, the Eagles’ victory over the Broncos could have been a crucial factor in helping tiebreak NFC East.

In 2018, the Cowboys reached the playoffs for the first time since 2018. The Cowboys finished 2018 with a record of 10-6 in regular season and won the NFC East. In the first round, they faced the Seattle Seahawks and came out in a narrow 24-22 victory. However, the Cowboys fell to the Los Angeles Rams in the divisional playoffs the next round.

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