VIDEO: Ridiculous CeeDee Lamb Highlight Proves He’s a Monster After the Catch

Video of CeeDee Lamb after the catch will make you fall out of your chair


When CeeDee Lamb fell to the Dallas Cowboys at No. 17, there was no question that the team was going to take him.


There is no denying the potential that Lamb has, but that was confirmed after a mind-blowing highlight reel of Lamb was released. In the video, Lamb made Kansas State’s defense look like first-time football players.


In the video, Lamb scored a 70-yard touchdown on a screen pass from quarterback Jalen Hurts. Lamb used his flashy skills to zip by multiple defenders and run all the way for the score. At one point, it looked like Lamb managed to run by every member of the defense.


According to Pro Football Focus, Lamb broke 26 tackles after the catch. That is an astounding amount for a wide receiver and it ranked second in the nation. In simpler terms, Lamb is a real threat when it comes to NFL talent.


The Cowboys never dreamed of Lamb falling to them. Instead, the Raiders drafted Henry Ruggs II at No. 12 overall, while the Broncos took Jerry Jeudy at No. 15 overall, which allowed the Cowboys to take Lamb at No. 17 overall.


Lamb, the 6-foot-2, 192-pound wideout from Oklahoma, rounds out the receiving corps with Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup.  Former wide receiver Michael Irvin loves what the Cowboys can do with the triple-threat.

“You know they got Amari Cooper and they got the young guy, (Michael Gallup), outside. What this kid does,  he can play in that slot position that was vacated by Randall Cobb. He played 70 percent outside last season, 30 percent in the slot. But he had productions from both spots. Seven touchdowns outside, seven TDs from that slot. He can play in the slot and when he has to, he can go outside and make plays also.”

Coming into the draft, Lamb was pegged as one of the best receivers in this class. Last season, Lamb caught 62 receptions for 1,327 yards and 14 touchdowns.


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