Troy Aikman Reveals His Prediction For Dak Prescott’s Season

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback turned FOX broadcaster Troy Aikman has very high hopes for Dak Prescott’s 2021 season.

A devastating leg injury meant that the Cowboys’ quarterback missed most of the 2020 season. A few weeks into the year, Prescott sustained a severe leg fracture while playing against the New York Giants.

Prescott is now fully recovered. He’s still dealing with a shoulder problem, but he’s expected back to full strength for Week 1.

Aikman shared his prediction about Prescott’s season. If he is healthy, he will be in contention for the MVP award.

Aikman believes the Cowboys will have one of the best offenses in the NFL.

Aikman stated that he expected them to be “as explosive as anyone in the game,” in a clip shared to Twitter by Mike Doocy, FOX4’s Mike Doocy. “I know last year’s defense wasn’t that great, so there are some concerns. They won’t be able to show it on the field until they do. However, I believe they have the right players if they are healthy. I don’t want to say that, but I believe they should have enough defense to compliment their explosive offense and win many games.

The defense’s ability and willingness to stop could determine the fate of the Cowboys season.

Dallas will face a significant challenge when it opens with Tampa Bay in Week 1.

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