Broncos Release Statement on Rumored Deshaun Watson Trade

Throughout the offseason, Watson was linked to Denver.

After Aaron Rodgers’ unsettling return to Green Bay the Denver Broncos are still looking for a single quarterback that they can potentially acquire before the 2021 season. This is Deshaun Watson, the star of the Houston Texans.

Denver and Deshaun played footsie together over the past few months. The former expressed interest in the reigning NFL pass champ, while the latter allegedly set his sights on the Mile High City with Broncos safety Kareem Jackson insisting that Watson wants a reunion… in Colorado.

Watson does not seem to feel the same interest. The nearly two dozen sexual misconduct allegations against Watson, aged 25, that remain under investigation by the league, are not being considered. Joe Ellis, Broncos CEO, echoed the company line about Drew Lock-led, Teddy Bridgewater insured QB situation.

“He’s with Texans. Ellis spoke out about Watson at Tuesday’s opening training camp press conference. “I can’t comment upon a player under contract for another team.” Ellis stated. “Vic and George said that we could win with the men we have and that’s what we are doing. This is what we are focusing on tomorrow and beyond. This is not something that we are considering right now.

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