Trevon Diggs Has Blunt Admission On Washington Football Team

The Dallas Cowboys will attempt to separate themselves from the Washington Football Team, and the rest of the NFC East.

It’s not hard to believe that star defensive back Trevon Diggs is going to play an important role in such a mission. He is one of the most important defensive players in football. He’ll be trying to stop the Washington passing attack this Sunday.

Diggs knows Washington’s organization, and that is a fact. He was only 10 minutes away from FedEx Field when he was a child. He never went to a game, and grew up as a Dallas Cowboys supporter.

Washington, DC: This Sunday is the full circle of life.

“I was a Cowboys fan. Diggs replied that he had never been to Washington games as a child.

Trevon Diggs will not be just trying to beat Washington Sunday. He is chasing NFL history.

Diggs has nine interceptions so far this season. Diggs is on pace to record 13, which would tie him for the second-most picks in one season. Dick Lane holds the record for the most picks with 14 he scored during the 1952 season.

Diggs will be able to intercept another pass Sunday and move one pick closer towards the overall record.

Diggs and Cowboys will face the Washington Football Team at FedEx Field on Sunday afternoon.

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