Ron Rivera Fires Back AT Mike McCarthy Regarding Sunday Guaranteed Win

On Thursday, Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy sent a message  to Ron Rivera as well as the Washington Football Team in advance of Sunday’s NFC East matchup between the two teams.

“We are going to win this match. McCarthy stated that he is confident in this.

This is quite a bold statement from the Cowboys coach. Rivera believes it’s a big mistake from McCarthy.

WFT’s head coach was quite honest when asked about Thursday night’s declaration.

“You do that for a couple of reasons, 1. You want to get in our head. Secondly, he’s trying to convince his team. … He’s now made it about him…I think it’s a big mistake.”


It is important to remember that Mike McCarthy’s comments were taken out of context and it seems like Ron Rivera didn’t hear the whole quote.

McCarthy explained that his  claim that the Cowboys will beat Washington is based on his confidence in his players.

What else can he possibly say?

“What am I supposed to say?” McCarthy said after being asked whether he was providing Washington with bulletin board material. “I fully expect to win every game I’ve ever competed in. … They’re working hard, we’re working hard. But we’re clearly planning on going to Washington and winning the game. There’s no doubt about that.”

Ron Rivera clearly doesn’t like what Mike McCarthy said on Thursday.

It will be interesting to see if that spills into Sunday’s NFC East fight during the post- and after-game handshake.

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