Tony Romo gives prediction on Dak Prescott’s future with the Cowboys

Everyone has their prediction on Dak Prescott. That means this former Cowboys quarterback had to give his two cents as well.


Tony Romo, the former longtime starter, was replaced by Prescott back in 2016. Since then, Romo has enjoyed a luxurious broadcasting career. Meanwhile, Prescott and the Cowboys have had rocky contract negotiations, which led to the team using the franchise tag.


Beyond 2020, the future in Dallas is up in the air. The brass has repeatedly said they want Prescott to stay. Prescott himself has made comments to the media about returning as a Cowboy.


As for Romo, he isn’t all that concerned and believes the two sides are going to find an agreement at the end of the 2020 season.

“I think it’ll get done … Yes, I know about the contract stuff,” Romo said, via Patrik Walker of CBS Sports. “I’ve been through it before with the Cowboys. Quarterbacks now — it’s nothing more than they’re understanding their position in the sport. And they’re starting to get to a point where they understand the influence they have on the organization, and really their contribution to the football team and what that means.”


Romo later compared Prescott’s leverage to LeBron James, saying that by demanding shorter deals, he could demand more money. By doing this, Prescott avoids the long-term deal and will make a significant amount of money by going year to year.


However, the NFL is way different than the NBA. Nothing is guaranteed.


Prescott will have a lot of work to do to get this team back on track. After falling to the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday, the Cowboys are 0-1 and will take on the Atlanta Falcons this week.

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