Look: Ezekiel Elliott’s Tattoo Goes Viral On Sunday Night Football

Zeke’s stomach is trending on Twitter


It wasn’t Ezekiel Elliott’s touchdown that got the Internet going. It was his stomach.


Well, technically, it was what was written on his stomach.


The former Ohio State star caught a pass from Dak Prescott and scored a touchdown to help the Cowboys go up 14-13 at halftime. Elliott then showed off his new abs tattoo, which goes around his belly button and says “FEED ME.” The tattoo has a spoon on the side.


It wasn’t the only reason that Zeke was trending on Twitter. His rushing touchdown was equally impressive.


It may not have been the most incredible move, but it was greatly timed. The Los Angeles Rams defense assumed that Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was going to go out of bounds. However, he decided not to do that.

Instead, he juked out four guys on one move that led to his first touchdown on the ground for the 2020 season. He managed to break four tackles and scored with three guys hanging on him. The still images of the Rams defense are laughable and are all over social media.


Zeke was fed all night as he finished the game with 22 rushes for 96 yards and two total touchdowns.


The Rams eventually defeated the Cowboys by a score of 20-17. The Cowboys are 0-1 and move on to play the Atlanta Falcons next week.

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