There’s One Big Name Being Floated For Cowboys Head Coach position

It’s Mike McCarthy’s job for now. Jerry Jones is yet to make a decision about his coaching staff for next year, but McCarthy has not been fired after last weekend’s defeat to the Wild Card round.

The No. 3 seed in the NFC Dallas Cowboys lost to  No. 6 seed 49ers. While the head coaching job remains McCarthy’s for now, another big name has been linked to the potential opening.

Sean Payton, the Saints’ head coach, used to live in Dallas. Before he was hired by the Saints, he worked as an assistant for the Cowboys. Many speculate that Payton may eventually return to Dallas to manage Jerry Jones’ franchise.

Sunday morning, Payton was not yet committed to the Saints for the 2022 and beyond seasons.

It’s not clear if Payton is interested in coaching in 2022.

Payton could take 2022 off to rest and evaluate his options. Maybe the Cowboys will give McCarthy another year before making a run for Payton.

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