Former Dallas Cowboys Player Found Dead In Prison

An ex-player in the National Football League who was associated with the Dallas Cowboys was reported to have been found dead in prison earlier this year.

Junior Siavii (43), was reportedly found dead in Leavenworth’s federal prison.

According to reports, the former Dallas Cowboys player was found unconscious in his cell. According to reports, he was taken to a local hospital where staff declared him dead.

Siavii was reported to be awaiting trial.

Siavii was reported to be in prison following his indictment on charges of arms.

Former NFL defensive lineman, he played for the Cowboys between 2008 and09. He was also a former NFL defensive lineman who played for the Cowboys between 2008-09.

Siavii was a college player at Oregon. Siavii was drafted in the second round of the 2004 NFL Draft.

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