The Cowboys remaining schedule brings plenty of opportunity to bring back The winning streak Again

When you have fun, time flies. It seems like yesterday that the Dallas Cowboys kicked off the 2021 season against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We now have half of the season behind us. It’s been an enjoyable ride so far, and there’s no reason for us to think that it will change.

The Cowboys are currently at 6-12 after six-game winning streak. The Cowboys have shown that they are serious Super Bowl contenders despite their two losses. They still face some obstacles to reach their goal.

The Cowboys have two more games left in the season. It’s not the time to be complacent or too confident. If you look at the other Cowboys teams, it’s not difficult to imagine that they could lose another game if they don’t beat themselves. They might be their worst enemy.

Look at the remaining Cowboys opponents on their schedule. Is there a team you think the Cowboys cannot beat? It is unlikely, considering that only three teams currently have a winning record. One of them, the New Orleans Saints just lost their quarterback.

The Cowboys are expected to easily reach the playoffs based on their records. This will depend on how they perform the rest of the season. As luck would have it they will continue to improve throughout the season.


Despite the fact that the roster depth has been challenged at times this season, the Cowboys have been able to avoid any season-ending injuries to their key players unlike last year. Even more encouraging is the fact that there are a few players who will be able to make improvements on both the offensive side and the defensive side of the ball in the near future.

The Cowboys’ offense and defense will benefit greatly from DeMarcus Lawrence and Michael Gallup being able to come back from injury reserve. Although we are sorry for the players who filled in their absences, both Gallup and Lawrence are upgrades at the positions and will be welcomed back with open arms.

Neville Gallimore is also worth mentioning. He is the Cowboys’ most disruptive interior defensive player, though Osa Odighizuwa continues to do an excellent job in that role. Gallimore’s return is even more important because there’s no way to know when or if he will hit the rookie wall.

Cowboys players are tightknit

The Cowboys may have the tightest group of players in decades when it comes to team unity. The focus of this year’s team seems to be on the collective success of the team and less on individual success. Egos are being put aside and the team is playing for each other right now.

This team has developed a strong bond by winning as a way to bring everyone together. They have a six-game win streak. This year, they’ve overcome obstacles that they would not have been able to in years past. Look at how Cooper Rush rallied around them last week, his first job start.

The 2021 Cowboys team has a completely different vibe. It almost seems like they have a common goal and have developed a tunnel vision to block out outside noise to achieve that goal. They can play for each other and stay close-knit if they keep playing together.

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