3 reasons the Cowboys are still Super Bowl contenders despite blowout loss to Broncos

After losing to the Denver Broncos in Week 9, the six-game winning streak of Dallas Cowboys is over. America’s Team lost to the Denver Broncos in Week 9 action with a score of 30-16. However, they remain at the top NFC East.

The Cowboys were able to perform better than they did against the Broncos, but it isn’t over for their quest to win the title. The Cowboys can learn quickly from their mistakes and get back on track.

These are three reasons why Cowboys are still Super Bowl candidates despite their huge loss in Week 9.

3. Micah Parsons continues his impressive performances for the Cowboys.


Micah Parsons, a rookie linebacker, was the only bright spot in the team’s loss to the Broncos. He continues to be an important presence on the defensive side. In Week 9, he had an impressive performance, leading the team with eight tackles and 2.5 sacks in his victory over Teddy Bridgewater.

Parsons’ versatility to play both linebacker or pass-rusher makes him a valuable player for the Cowboys defense. Dan Quinn, the defensive coordinator, will play an important role in helping Parsons reach his full potential. If they want to win the title, Parsons will have to continue his strong performances in the next games.


2. Dak Prescott was only having an off night.

After suffering a serious ankle injury last year, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott looked to be back to his former Pro Bowl form. The 28-year old playmaker was unfortunately forced to miss their Week 8 match against the Minnesota Vikings.

Prescott’s return to the field was not the same. He struggled with 232 yards and 19-of-39 passes, along with two TDs against the Broncos. Anyone who has been paying attention to Cowboys games can confirm that the gunslinger is capable and willing to play better than he did last year.

Although it was a disappointing game for Prescott, he will be back to his best and perform better next week against the Atlanta Falcons. If the team wants to win the Super Bowl in 2021, their quarterback will need to be at his best.


1. The Cowboys have enough talent to be a serious contender this season.

The Cowboys are on a winning streak in 2021, with six consecutive wins after suffering a loss in Week 1. Dallas boasts one of the best rosters in the league, with an offense capable of scoring points quickly.


They also have multiple weapons, including Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper, CeeDee lamb, CeeDee Shepherd, Dalton Schultz, Tony Pollard, and Michael Gallup. They are not weak in defense either, as Micah Parsons, Trevon Diggs and Randy Gregory have all done solid work for the team so far.

The Cowboys need to improve in many areas, including their defense. It is not difficult to see that the Cowboys have all the pieces they need to be successful in the postseason. The loaded Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffered several losses and bad games in the regular season last year.

They were able to win the 2020 election due to the talent they had at both ends of the field and their strong chemistry. Although Mike McCarthy and his team have not yet reached that level, they are capable of unleashing their full potential if the minimize their mistakes and correct their mistakes moving forward.

The Cowboys have shown a lot of promise this season, but it’s up to them to show that they can be true title contenders in the playoffs.

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