The Cowboys are doing something that no other NFL team is

Ezekiel Elliott ran for the Dallas Cowboys first touchdown to give them a lead against the New York Giants in the second quarter. I hoped that he would get into the red kettle and throw us back to 2016.

This iconic celebration really summarized the energy that this special team had during Dak Prescott’s rookie season. Elliott is no longer a rookie. He is in his seventh year in the NFL. He would rather leave the fun to the kids.

You’re probably familiar with my words. The tight ends.

The Cowboys are using those four large kids to make things more interesting in the red zone. Kellen Moore dials in multiple plays and has four tight ends. Dalton Schultz isn’t the only one making plays, as he chases big paydays next offseason.

Peyton Hendershot and Jake Ferguson, rookies, are making big contributions. Sean McKeon is still the most under-the radar player in the room but his presence in tight-end sets and other important areas of the game is equally impactful.

The Cowboys’ tight ends were dominant on the field, whether it was Schultz’s touchdown receptions or Ferguson’s outlandish throwing of a defensive back. Hendershot walked unassisted into the end zone. Last year, each player played at least 23% in offensive snaps against the Giants.

Their Sunday performance was capped by that red kettle. The team had a 15-point lead at the end of the fourth quarter. Hendershot’s win effectively sealed the game. Three other tight ends then jumped in the kettle and did a double take. ).

They began to pop their heads into and out of the kettle, as Hendershot attempted to hit them with a football. That’s right. They started playing Whack-a-Mole. These guys are having a lot of fun!

It’s not all fun for Cowboys’ tight ends.

Schultz said to reporters after Thursday’s win, “We’re always learning new things.” “I believe we have a group of people who complement each other’s skills set really well.”

Schultz points out that this tight end group does a little bit of all. Schultz’s block on Cowboys’ speed options run was a key part of this team’s first touchdown drive.

Kellen Moore and Mike McCarthy’s excellent work this season is also evident in the Cowboys’ use of their tight ends. Dallas is focusing on the tight ends, whereas other defenses are concentrating on speed and stopping the pass. Nobody in the NFL is doing this.

According to ESPN’sEd Werder the Cowboys have used four tight end in seven plays this season. From such groups, they’ve scored three touchdowns. The New Orleans Saints are also the only team that has put forth four close ends this season.

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