Stephen Jones addresses Amari Cooper production, expectations

The expectations were high for the Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver group. The three of them were expected to set the NFL ablaze with the addition of quarterback Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper and CeeDee lamb.

Despite the fact that the numbers looked good on paper, there were some disappointments at the end. Cooper felt that he should have been receiving more targets at times, especially since he is one of the top NFL receivers.

Stephen Jones, Dallas Cowboys Executive Vice President, addressed the reasons Cooper wasn’t getting the touches he desired. Jones stated that sometimes it is down to coaches opening Cooper’s eyes, especially when he has to pay all of the money.

Jones stated, “It sometimes is not all on receiver.” “It’s scheme. It’s about getting the receiver to the ball. It’s the receivers.

Cooper was not the team’s top receiver for the first time since joining. Lamb was the recipient of that distinction, with 1,102 yards and six touchdowns from 79 receptions. Cooper had eight touchdowns more than the former Oklahoma native. Cooper finished with 68 receptions and 865 yards.

These days, roster turnover is a harsh reality in the NFL. Nobody is safe if the playoffs don’t go according to plan or the cap situation gets tight.

Wide receiver Amari cooper could be the name of the Dallas Cowboys. His large contract situation is not the reason he performs on the field, but because of it. Cooper has a cap hit of $22 million for 2022, which the Cowboys might not be able afford.

Aaron Wilson, of the Pro Football Network , explained where Dallas was with their star wide receiver. He stated that Cooper is still being considered and explained how much it would cost Dallas for him to move.

“According to league sources not authorized to speak publicly, the Cowboys haven’t made a decision on what they’re going to do, but most expect them to retain Cooper,” Wilson said. “The plan is to continue to evaluate his performance along with the other players on the roster and then make decisions. If the Cowboys move on from Cooper, there would only be $6 million in remaining dead money.”

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