Dallas Cowboys: 3 early free agent targets for the 2022 NFL offseason

The Dallas Cowboys fell out of the playoffs once more than most observers expected. Jerry Jones wants to strengthen his roster and return to the Super Bowl. Let’s take a look at some free-agent potential acquisitions that could push Dallas toward this goal.

Before we go into the options, there is one caveat. The Cowboys currently have a salary cap of $13 million more than they are projected to pay. These players will require some cuts.

Three targets for the 2022 NFL Offseason:
3. Stephon Gilmore

This past season, the Cowboys were great at taking the ball away. The unit cannot rely on this to save them. Dallas must improve their ability stop opposing offenses scoring. They can’t rely on a splash play. Forced turnovers are a high-volatility statistic and cannot be compared from year to year.

Dallas must improve their secondary if they are serious about stopping opposing offenses. Trevon Diggs had a great sophomore season. Trevon Diggs had a great sophomore season.

Diggs is like a strikeout or home run baseball player. He’s a boom-or-bust cornerback. Diggs was a great player, but he also gave up over 1,000 receiving yards this season. Diggs is an excellent player and this isn’t so much a criticism of him as it is about his defense. Dallas is able to allow so many receiving yards due to their ability at forcing turnovers. But they need more balance.

Stephon Gilmore is the man to watch: Gilmore has been a consistent star in the secondary and is a top-notch shutdown corner in the league. This duo could help Gilmore lock down the opposing team’s number one receiver, which would allow for more throws to other receivers. These receivers would be outmatched by Diggs who could eat take-out while making explosive plays.

2. Jessie Bates

No matter if the Cowboys add a cornerback to their team, they still need help with their secondary. They should also look at the safety market to add Jessie Bates. He had two interceptions this season and eight passes defensed, but he had 15 passes defensed and three picks last year. Dallas could be able to sign Bates away if the Bengals decide not to keep him, especially after a down year.

They might be able to get him for a very low price.

1. Von Miller

There is no such thing a pass rusher in the NFL. The Cowboys’ ability to take out the quarterback is well-known, thanks to Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence. But, it would not be a bad thing to have another pass rusher. Both Gregory and Lawrence were plagued by the injury bug. In eight games, Lawrence had seven QB hits, six tackles to loss, and three sacks. Gregory recorded six sacks and four tackles for lost, as well as 19 quarterback hits during 13 games.

Enter Von Miller. Although he has left the Denver Broncos, Miller remains a formidable force with. The addition of Miller to the defense would make them one of the best units in football. Lawrence could also slide inside the pass down to allow them to all be on the field simultaneously.

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