Skip Bayless drops ultimate Cowboys conspiracy theory

Now, this is the ultimate conspiracy theory.


FS1 Sports’ Skip Bayless described the Dallas Cowboys 25-3 loss to the Washington Football Team as a “nightmare.” Bayless tweeted the line when the Cowboys found themselves trailing 15-3 in the rain. The game was never close and the Cowboys were outplayed in virtually every aspect of the game.


Bayless, who is well-known as a Cowboys fan, summed up the game accurately. It was probably one of the most appropriate word choices when describing the play on the field. Bayless was so frustrated that he was thinking about ways the Cowboys could land Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.


“Is Jerry’s real plan to finish worse and draft Trevor Lawrence?” Bayless twitter.


The Cowboys don’t really need Lawrence, as the team appears to be committed to Dak Prescott. Even though Prescott suffered a season-ending injury two weeks ago, VP Stephen Jones has been very open about the team’s plans to keep Prescott in Dallas long term.


Besides, the real need for improvement is not at quarterback, but on defense. The Cowboys have allowed 30 or more points in five of the team’s seven games. The 25-points allowed to the Washington Football Team should feel like thirty.


Antonio Gibson had his way with the Dallas defense as he finished with 128 rushing yards on 20 carries and two touchdowns. Kyle Allen just needed 194 yards of offense in the air and threw for two touchdowns.


The Cowboys have scored just one touchdown in two games, which is a huge black eye. If the Cowboys can’t fix their issues soon, the team could spiral towards a top pick in the draft. No, it wouldn’t be Lawrence, as the New York Jets appear to be trending in that direction. However, it could be in the top-5 if the Cowboys keep losing games like this.


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