Rodney Harrison agrees with Mike McCarthy’s troubling comments

Rodney Harrison gets what Mike McCarthy is saying.


After Sunday’s 25-3 loss to the Washington Football Team, the Dallas Cowboys head coach addressed Andy Dalton’s injury with troubling team comments


Jonathan Bostic, the 29-year old linebacker for Washington Football Team, threw himself into Dalton as the quarterback slid before reaching the first down marker. When watching the hit on replay, it was clearly illegal. Dalton gave himself up with a slide after scrambling when the pocket collapsed. Yet, Bostic still chose to throw himself into Dalton’s head.


Some writers believe that Bostic’s hit was dirty, including Marcus Mosher who tweeted, “Suspend Jon Bostic forever. What a garbage hit.”


When talking to reporters after the game,  McCarthy was not just upset about the hit, but also how his team didn’t protect Dalton in the process according to Jon Machota of The Athletic.


“Mike McCarthy on no Cowboys players getting in Jon Bostic’s face after his dirty hit on Andy Dalton: “We speak all the time about playing for one another, protecting one another. It definitely was not the response you would expect.”


Harrison played in the NFL and has been in a few scuffles during his career. When it came to this hit, Harrison said he was upset that nobody came to Dalton’s defense. When discussing with his Sunday Night Football analysts on the pregame show, he had this to say”


“Get knocked out, lay on the ground and no one comes to his defense. I just, I don’t understand it. I look at the culture of this team, and they’re soft. I mean, you see all those linemen – nobody says anything to Bostic. How could you allow your quarterback to get his head knocked off and no one comes to his defense? But it speaks to the culture. It speaks to the selfishness of the Cowboys. And the Cowboys flat out quit today.”

Is he wrong?


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