Sideline spat in Raiders-Cowboys leads to two ejections and a ref with bloodied chin

The Las Vegas Raiders and Dallas Cowboys didn’t have much holiday cheer in the third quarter. Two players were able to get an early start to their Thanksgiving dinners.

Two special players performed well beyond the whistle on a punt that was taken out of bounds in the second half. Kelvin Joseph from the Cowboys, and Roderic Teemer (Raiders) were both taken into custody and refused to be released. They were out of bounds, but they continued to fight. Both teams were forced to rush to the sidelines and intervene.

Teemer and Joseph were both ejected. Side judge Tom Hill was the one who may have suffered the most from the fight. Hill emerged from the scrum with a bruised chin. Hill received a band-aid, and continued to play. It can be difficult to stop a fight among multiple players wearing helmets and pads.

There won’t be many fights on the sidelines of an NFL game. The second Thanksgiving game was spiced up a bit by this incident.

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