Cowboys Fans Are Furious With Today’s Officiating Crew

If you turn on the Cowboys-Raiders match, you will see the referees throw flags for almost every play.

There have been 10 penalties in the first 23 minutes. Most of them were against the Cowboys.

Dallas fans are venting their anger on social media, as many of the early flags were against the Cowboys.

A Cowboys fan stated that Cowboys fans should also throw the ball down the field if they want to be as loose with flags as possible. Play into their hands if they’re allowing explosive plays and first downs to go unrewarded.

Another fan stated that four of the five Raiders’ third-down plays have been played with flags on Cowboys.

There were some jokes about the officiating crew.

A fan tweeted, “The Cowboys looked wrong when they saw the Raiders… FLAG.”

Another fan tweeted, “This game is really who does the NFL love more raiders than cowboys.” “Flags almost all plays.”

Although there is still time for the referees and officials to make things right, this was a poor start to the game.

NFL fans can watch the Cowboys-Raiders match on CBS.

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