Sean Payton leaving Saints would be miracle for Cowboys

Sean Payton could be leaving the New Orleans Saints. Could he make his way to Dallas Cowboys?

Rumors are flying about his future after Ian Rapoport, an NFL insider, announced that Sean Payton might not be returning to the New Orleans Saints next year. Could he be stepping down as a coach for one year? Could he instead join a different team?

Jerry Jones’ face lit up when he learned that Payton was leaving the Saints, it is obvious. Jones has always admired Payton. Could the Dallas Cowboys offer him a job if they are interested in finding him?

Sean Payton joining Cowboys would be a great idea.
The Cowboys’ hopes of a Super Bowl were dashed after they lost to the San Francisco 49ers during the NFC Wild Card Round. People have been calling for Mike McCarthy’s firing since the final whistle.

As you know, Cowboys fans will be asking Jones to replace McCarthy if Payton leaves the Saints. We will have to wait and see what Payton does first.

Since 2006, he’s been with Saints and has led the team to three NFC championship games and a Super Bowl victory over the Colts in February 2009. He is a legend in New Orleans, and everyone loves him.

He’s still with Saints. However, he’ll be taking some time off this offseason to determine what’s best for his future. People all around Dallas will be closely following this development.

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