Dak Prescott Went Viral After Joe Burrow’s Playoff Win

Cowboys franchise quarterback Dak Prescott keeps catching strays.

After Joe Burrow’s second consecutive playoff win, Prescott’s name was all over social media.

Burrow now has two wins in the playoffs in just eight days. This is more than Prescott has ever won in his entire NFL career.

Prescott will be hearing all about it during the offseason. Poor guy.

“This man has won twice as many playoff games in 8 days as Dak Prescott has in the first 6 seasons of his Cowboys career,” said a Bengals fan. “Enjoy the rest of the postseason.”


Another commentator said, “Joe Burrow has won more playoff games in the past two weeks than Dak Preston has in his entire career.”

Dak Prescott, Cowboys and many other people have lots to think about in this offseason.

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How is it possible Joe Burrow and his Bengals got things so sorted out so quickly? Prescott and his Cowboys could take a few lessons from it, whatever the reason.

Next weekend, Burrow and the Bengals will be playing in the AFC Championship.

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