Running Back Tony Pollard Could Possibly Leave Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard has been an integral part of the team’s offense, particularly as Ezekiel Elliott struggles with multiple injuries. According to the NFL, Pollard could be leaving Dallas in the future.

As ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler tried to determine the consensus of the NFL on the best duos at a variety of positions, Pollard’s name was brought up. Fowler briefly explains the concept.

Fowler stated that he surveyed execs, coaches, and scouts from the NFL to try to reach consensus on six key positions in the league: wide receivers, running backs, offensive tackles, edge rushers, cornerbacks, safety, and wide receiver. While some positions were easy to determine, others were difficult. League-wide injuries didn’t help. Some key players in certain pairings are not available for the season, which has affected the dynamic of the duo.

The Browns won the most votes for Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt and received the most votes overall. Elliott and Pollard were also voted for by the Cowboys. This interesting nugget was provided by an NFL Scout, who predicted that Pollard would “do well” in free agency.

ESPN’s AFC Scout told ESPN that Pollard “should do well in free agency.” “He could be a 800-to-1,000-yard rusher.”

Good news for Cowboys fans: Pollard’s four-year deal is still in place through 2022. With an $850,000 salary, Pollard is one the Cowboys’ best bargains.

The Cowboys will have to make a decision on whether or not to retain Pollard after Elliott’s $90 million six-year contract. After next season, the Cowboys will have to make a decision about running back. Pollard could be offered a significant deal. However, the Cowboys will be forced to make a decision about whether Pollard is ready to leave Elliott’s team and become a feature back.

Dallas has a chance to opt out of Elliott’s contract after 2022, but the Cowboys could take a $11.8 million cap hit if the Cowboys traded for the star back, Per Spotrac. This means that Pollard will likely command more on an open market than the Cowboys would pay unless Elliott is traded.

Pollard has had a fantastic season, setting career records in both receiving and rushing yards. Pollard’s first 10 games have seen 90 carries and 495 yards, one touchdown and 25 receptions for 294 yards. Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, has so far not offered to trade Pollard.

Jones said that contracts are not considered in the final decision. He explained this during a September 21 interview with Dallas 105.3 The Fan. The fact is that Pollard can surprise the defense and get up on them so quickly, it’s an exceptional situation. He’s just so quick, he has such a burst.”


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