Report: Cowboys Defensive star changing positions for next season

Last season, Keanu Neal joined Dallas Cowboys. Dan Quinn chose to use the former safety to linebacker. In his one season with Dallas, the former first rounder had a strong season. He accumulated 72 total tackles and one sack for Dallas. He’s not a good linebacker in the NFL.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Neal has decided to return to safety and hit free agency.

Tweeted Rapoport: “#Cowboys Free Agent and Former 1st Round Pick Keanu Neal, which played linebacker last year for Dan Quinn, is looking to switch back to his safety spot as he seeks to reestablish his status as one of the top players in his position when he lands at his new team,”

The former Florida star, was a force in Atlanta’s secondary for five seasons before he moved to Dallas. Neal was a safety for the Atlanta Falcons and accumulated eight forced fumbles (two interceptions) and 16 pass deflections. Keanu Neal is now looking to regain the safety success he enjoyed with any team that signs him.

Another Cowboys news: Randy Gregory snubbed Dallas in favor of signing with Denver Broncos, in one of the most shocking moves of the NFL offseason. The former Dallas star is now sharing his thoughts on the Cowboys on Twitter.

First, Gregory replied to a fan via a now-deleted tweet where he took aim at Dallas’ ownership and front office. Ari Meirov from Pro Football Focus managed to capture it.

Gregory tweeted Gregory, “Your owners acted with bad faith all for free agency.” “They’ve been extremely quiet lately, huh?” I wonder why. I can’t wait to see you guys ask the same questions!

Gregory was ready to go back to Dallas but changes to the contract language led to Gregory ending the Cowboys’ deal. Gregory also responded to a Dallas fan who claimed he was upset and took aim at the Dallas fanbase in general with his words.

Gregory tweeted “Nah, that’s your toxic fans that believe they owe me something lol,” Gregory.

Gregory answered the question “Do you want to return to Dallas?” as if this wasn’t enough.

Gregory tweeted, “Hell nah.”

Gregory is praising the Broncos, seemingly happy to be in Denver. The Cowboys spent a lot of money and time in former Nebraska star. Their relationship with Randy Gregory is clearly strained.

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