Randy Gregory takes shots at Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Randy Gregory resentfully signed with the Denver Broncos instead of the Cowboys, in one of the most shocking moves of the NFL offseason. The former Dallas star is now sharing his thoughts on the Cowboys on Twitter.

First, Gregory replied to a fan via a tweet where he took a shot at Dallas’ ownership and front office. Ari Meirov from Pro Football Focus managed to capture it.

“Your owners acted in bad faith all free agency,” tweeted Gregory. “They’ve been awfully quiet lately huh? Wonder why lol. Can’t wait for you guys to ask them the same questions!”

Gregory was ready to go back to Dallas but changes to the contract language led to Gregory ending the Cowboys’ deal. Gregory also responded to a Dallas fan who claimed he was upset and took aim at the Dallas fanbase in general with his words.

Gregory tweeted “Nah, that’s your toxic fanbase that believe they owe me something lol,” Gregory.

Gregory answered the question “Do you want to return to Dallas?” as if this wasn’t enough.

Gregory tweeted, “Hell nah.”

Gregory is praising the Broncos, seemingly happy to be in Denver. The Cowboys spent a lot of money and time in former Nebraska star. Their relationship with Randy Gregory is clearly strained.

Additionally, ESPN’s Ed Werder disclosed that Randy Gregory used a language “standard”, which is not common elsewhere.

Werder tweeted Tuesday, as more information was released.

According to David Moore, of the Dallas Morning News the Cowboys have the right to “void or withhold any money if a player is fined” by the NFL. Gregory has been subject to league punishments on numerous occasions in his career so he decided against signing the contract.

Moore’s report also stated that the clause is only available to Dak Prescott, a Cowboys player. Sources also confirmed that the clause has not been invoked by the team.

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