Randy Gregory Speaks on Potential New Contract for Next Season

Randy Gregory has been waiting for this moment for a while. This season, the talented defensive end was given an opportunity to show what he can do with a full schedule. Gregory currently leads the Dallas Cowboys in sacks, with five. He also has two games where he’s taken down the quarterback twice. Gregory is also the leader of the Dallas Cowboys with 29 pressures, and his 90.5 grade ranks third among all edge rushers according Pro Football Focus.

Gregory will continue to look for financial security long-term when the 2022 season arrives. He mentioned earlier this week that although he doesn’t think too much about the potential deal, it does occasionally cross his mind.

Gregory stated, “I would be lying if i said that I don’t (think about my next contracts), but I don’t think too deeply into it. I do better when I live in today. It’s been difficult for me in the past to do this. To achieve the goals I desire, it’s crucial that I do this now.

Gregory is only one sack away from surpassing his single-season career record of six sacks (had six in 2018). Gregory will soon be able to play in one-on-one situations again, thanks to DeMarcus Lawrence’s return.

Gregory is now in the best mental place since his 2015 NFL debut. He has had to endure several suspensions as well as battle with personal demons off the football field. Gregory has had a great support system from the Cowboys. He can now play freely and prove that he is one of the top edge rushers in the NFL.

Gregory’s journey started out as a difficult one, but he was able to overcome it and make his story one that inspires others to not give up regardless of the challenges.

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