Jerry Jones Makes Bold Prediction for Cowboys After Humiliating Loss

Jerry Jones on Tuesday identified “overconfidence” as the root cause of his Dallas Cowboys embarrassing Week 9 home defeat to the Denver Broncos.

Friday’s radio interview with 105.3 the Fan saw the reeling general manager refer to the “O-word” again. This time, he vowed that his team would avoid another disappointment at AT&T Stadium.

“This is a difficult task. This is going to be an important game for us. However, I can assure you that you won’t see any people who are too confident walking into the stadium with the team or the coaches. Jones spoke of Sunday’s matchup with the Atlanta Falcons.

The point seems to have been made from Jerry’s lips to those “flat”, and “lackadaisical Cowboys’ ears. This is the reality of life after the Broncos matchup. They entered as 10-point favorites, but were left with 14-point losers. Thus ended a six-game winning streak. Dak Prescott admitted that “we got thumped” because Dallas ignored its opponent, which is a huge no-no in this industry.

The next opponent is the 4-4 Falcons. They have won three of their previous four, most recently overthrowing the reigning champ Buccaneers.

Do not assume you can just take a stroll in the park. Because Cowboys can’t. They shouldn’t.

It won’t.

“Just can’t come back flat like we came out (against Broncos). Wide receiver Amari Cooper stated Thursday that she was expecting to win. via Beat reporter Brianna Dix. “You get into the habit of winning, and you just expect it rather than going out and earning it. We saw it that way.

Cooper was asked about the Pro Bowl pass-catcher’s unusual case of butterfingers during last week’s loss. Cooper’s mid-third quarter drop across the middle — wide open at 3rd-and-1 — resulted in a turnover on downs. Cooper’s drive-killing error, which was rare considering the circumstances, was the perfect ending for Cowboys.

He said, via the team website, “As soon I dropped the ball I knew exactly what had happened.” “I didn’t see it, and that’s a great reminder to me, as well as for the team — we cannot forget about the prize.

Cooper was also suffering from a hamstring injury and ended up with two catches, totalling 37 yards in the 30-16 win. CeeDee Lamb was Cooper’s partner in crime. He only managed 23 yards on just two grabs due to an ankle problem.

“But, you have to think about CeeDee (Lamb’s ankle) and me — he had just injured it on Wednesday. He couldn’t even run. It was the same with me. You know what I mean,” Cooper stated via Pro Football Talk. It’s funny, because we invite that. We invite this more and more as time passes. We want that. It was just a bad week. I don’t want to make excuses. He could barely run and I couldn’t run. We are starting receivers. It’s simple to cover two men who don’t want to do the things they love. There are no excuses. We still took to the field. We had to do our jobs, so we decided to go on the field. We want that man-to person coverage every week, because it could be either a slow death, or a quick one.

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