Proposed Cowboys Trade Gives Dallas Second Chance at Explosive Jaguars WR

The Dallas Cowboys could consider the Jacksonville Jaguars for new offensive weapons.

The Cowboys’ offensive setup has been the subject of constant speculation. Seattle Seahawks star DKMetcalf was linked to the Cowboys.

Jaguars WR Laviska Shenault Jr. was a name that circulated in the NFL rumor-mill earlier in the offseason. Although the gossip surrounding the third-year receiver is less frequent in recent weeks, it doesn’t mean he won’t be leaving.

Christian Kirk and Zay Jones, two new starters at WR for the Jaguars, were added to help Shenault recover from a disappointing sophomore season. It’s clear that Shenault is a talented second-rounder in the 2020 NFL draft. However, things have turned sour for him.

It is not, however, a disadvantage for the Cowboys. The young WR should find a way to move easily and it seems like his potential has not been fully tapped. Although Dallas might not have moved when reports about Shenault’s trade availability first dropped in, the Cowboys could take advantage of the “second chance” to move for Shenault late in the summer.

According to Pro Football Reference he averages 5.65 yards per catch. Plays like the one shown in the tweet below demonstrate how explosive Shenault can be.

Shenault is a great lateral runner. However, he doesn’t possess the “next gear” nor does he have breakaway speed. He compensates for this with his smart movements and sharp eyes, making him an invaluable tool in Jacksonville.

However, plays such as the one below are not common despite Shenault’s promise. Shenault had 600 and 619 receiving yards respectively in 2020 and 2021, but he struggled to make big plays. He didn’t score any touchdowns in his second season.

Another reason to be concerned is his drops. He had eight in 2021. His situation with the Jaguars is what helps Shenault when it comes down to his ugly stats. Shenault was in Jacksonville for two years and had three head coaches and two quarterbacks. Trevor Lawrence and Shenault were clearly in need of help in 2021.

Shenault needs to do more in the future. However, moments such as the ones below should draw the Cowboys or any NFL team that is looking for a new receiver.

Shenault isn’t a veteran, but he does have a lot of versatility that could enhance the Cowboys offense. CeeDee Lamb will be the No.1 receiver. Shenault, as a receiver, can play the “gadget.” role.

A late Day 2 or early Day 3 pick seems like the best option to acquire Shenault. As the Jaguars first reported that Shenault could be traded, the Cowboys should have leverage. Jacksonville should make a deal to acquire the receiver, who is 23 years old, before 2022. Dallas or Shenault could also be interested.

According to Spotrac, Dallas can afford Shenault’s salary with almost $20 million of cap space. Shenault has a cap of $2.1 million for 2022 and a cap of $2.45 millions for 2023.

Although Shenault is a risky trade, he feels like a player who has not been fully utilized. A team with a veteran quarterback like Dak Prescott would be a great place for a player at his position.

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