Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy reveals major Dak Prescott change that will make him more dangerous

After a disappointing loss to the San Francisco 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys are ready to return to the playoffs in 2022. They are coming off a strong season in which Dak Prescott performed well and is expected to be more healthy this year, which should help him become a greater threat with his legs.

Via Clarence Hill Jr:

“Mike McCarthy said the Cowboys will put in more quarterback runs and quarterback movement plays in 2022 after being limited in 2021 with Dak Prescott coming off fractured ankle. He is quicker, more comfortable and moving better in the offseason compared to last year”

Mike McCarthy, Cowboys’ head coach, made it clear that they will be running a lot more plays in which Dak can use speed to gain yardage.

Prescott ran for only 146 yards on 48 runs in 202. This is his lowest total in a full NFL season, not counting 2020, where he only played five more games.

In 2017, the Cowboys’ signal-caller ran 357 yards and has the ability to run on the ground. It was simply a matter being healthy enough. He’s now a dual threat quarterback, which will only help Dallas’ offense. Their run game should be excellent with two top-tier running backs, Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott.


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