NFL insider provides update on Cowboys assistants up for head coaching vacancies

On Sunday, the Cowboys lost to the San Francisco 49ers in a devastating loss. Dallas might have to replace one of their coordinators in order to get back into the playoffs.

Kellen Moore and Dan Quinn, the offensive and defensive coordinator, are hot commodities in this offseason. Ian Rapoport , an NFL insider, provided an update Monday on the future Cowboys assistants.

Rapoport revealed that there may be changes in the Cowboys’ coaching staff. “I don’t see any change with Mike McCarthy. However, assistant coaches could use some movement.

“Dan Quinn – the defensive coordinator – I know he had a tough start yesterday but certainly held it down throughout the game. One of the better defensive coordinators in the NFL. He’s emerged as one of the more popular head coach candidates. Got several teams waiting to interview him. Cowboys loss is bad for the Cowboys, but definitely not bad for the teams wanting to hire a head coach. The Denver Broncos – a team I would consider Dan Quinn one of the front-runners there – they would like to interview him. The Chicago Bears, the Miami Dolphins, the Minnesota Vikings. All those teams are waiting for Dan Quinn. The fact that his team lost — probably good for them.”

Quinn did an outstanding job this season with the Cowboys’ defense. Quinn could not pass up the opportunity to be a coach if it is offered.

Rapoport: Cowboys lose: “This doesn’t invalidate Kellen Moon as a candidate for head coach.”
The Cowboys’ decision to run a quarterback race with no timeouts was also controversial. It wasn’t actually executed. Dallas ran out of time.

Rapoport however, states that the man who called play is still a hot coach candidate.

“Meanwhile Kellen Moore, who is of course the play-caller, called the final play with Mike McCarthy’s okay. This applies to basically all play-calling situations. He’s also an attractive candidate,” stated Rapoport. I think we take too much from the playoff games. T

Kellen Moore is still a viable candidate for head coach, but this doesn’t mean that he should be ruled out. Being a head coach involves more than play-calling. There are many other teams that are waiting for him. He’s available to the Denver Broncos as well as the Miami Dolphins or the Minnesota Vikings.

Both Quinn and Moore may be leaving Dallas in the offseason, as you can see. Mike McCarthy will need to make a lot of difficult decisions before the Cowboys can get back to the playoffs.

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