ESPN analyst calls out Dak Prescott, Mike McCarthy following Wild Card loss

Many people had high expectations for the Dallas Cowboys’ season. However, the team failed to live up to those expectations. The Cowboys went 12-5 in regular season and came into Sunday’s NFC Wild Card match hoping to win and make it to the NFL Playoffs. But that was not the case. They were unable to perform and lost 23-17 to the San Francisco 49ers, ending their season.

The Cowboys trampled the hearts of many, many Cowboys fans once again. However, more attention was focused on quarterback Dak Preston, who threw for 254 yard, a touchdown, and an interception during the loss. Booger McFarland , ESPN NFL analyst, took to Twitter Monday morning to voice his opinions on Prescott.

“Dak didn’t play terrible however when u juxtapose his performance against Josh Allen the night before he should get a lot of criticism,” McFarland said. “To whom much is given [40 million] much is expected he has to be better.”

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is also under the spotlight. This has been going on for quite some time. McFarland also made a statement about McCarthy, just like he did with Prescott.

McFarland stated that Mike McCarthy was a problem in Dallas, and that Jerry Jones should address the issue.

McCarthy, a former Green Bay Packers coach, is now a Cowboys’ coach with an 18-15 overall record.

The Dallas Cowboys lost a playoff game at AT&T Stadium to the San Francisco 49ers, in truly heartbreaking fashion. It’s been a struggle since 1996, when the franchise last appeared in the NFC Championship games.

Cowboys fans were seen throwing trash onto the field after the game. DeMarcus Lawrence was also passing by — something struck the defensive end.

Lawrence clarified that the trash was not directed towards him but was in fact directed toward the referees. Dak Prescott, quarterback of the team, was asked about the situation and was informed by the fans who were taking their frustration out upon him. He responded in a surprising way that may surprise some people.

Prescott stated, “Credit to them.”

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