Mike McCarthy Send Strong Message For Cowboys Fans

Fans are worried about the future of the Dallas Cowboys after a strong regular season but a disappointing first round playoff exit. What can the team do to improve under Mike McCarthy , head coach?

McCarthy is doing his best to convince Cowboys fans it can. McCarthy assured Cowboys fans today that they will be better during his end-of season media session.

“We’re going get better. “We’re going to improve just by the process,” McCarthy stated via Jon Machota, The Athletic.

McCarthy explained on this point by citing his faith in the Cowboys’ personnel department as well as the huge improvements made to defense between 2020 and 2021.

“No. 1, I trust our personnel process. I think we have to give our personnel department and just what we did last year to this year,” McCarthy said. “The change we had on defense from a personnel and coaching staff standpoint, that’s the biggest change that I’ve ever been a part of, both the player and coaching. To pull all that together, there’s a lot of hard work and a lot of credit that goes to a number of people. I have the same confidence that we’ll do that moving forward.”

All this sounds great, but Cowboys fans will be paying attention to see if McCarthy lives up to his words from next season. Not just September through December.

Dallas fans want to see a playoff victory. Over 25 years ago, the team has never reached a conference championship match and has failed to reach the postseason in seven of its 10 previous trips.

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