Mike McCarthy Shares Gruesome Dak Prescott Injury Story

Mike McCarthy confirmed a gruesome story about the leg injury suffered by Dak Prescott during the 2020 season.

According to the Dallas Cowboys’ head coach, Prescott was seen trying to fix his fractured ankle.

Prescott previously admitted to the grisly act.

“I walked up on him when he was down on the field,” McCarthy told Peter King, “and I don’t think I’ve seen anything exactly like it. He was trying to put the ankle back together right there on field. It was almost, but this isn’t the right word. But it was almost barbaric.

Prescott remembers exactly what happened.

“I still remember that. My mom always said to us that if we get hurt, we should get off the field. She knew we were okay. Initial thought was that I had rolled it. I looked at my ankle and saw it facing the opposite direction. I was like, “No way.” I was just trying to be kind of like. Maybe it would snap back if I slammed the thing into place a few times or maybe it was just broken and was still stuck as it was. It didn’t move after I tried it a few times. That’s when I started waving for help. I literally said, “I can’t do it myself.” He said, “Help, please!”

This is a testament to how difficult Prescott is.

The Cowboys’ quarterback is experiencing some shoulder pain, but he should be able to play for Week 1.

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