Mike McCarthy Reveals What Dak Prescott Asked Him This Week

Some quarterbacks attempt to play hero in the postseason. Mike McCarthy wants Dak Preston to be himself as the Cowboys face the 49ers in the NFL Playoffs.

The Cowboys are the trendy choice to beat the 49ers on Sunday, despite being the higher-seed at home. Dallas could be up against San Francisco’s physicality.

Prescott and the Cowboys must get into a rhythm quickly. Prescott must stick to the same routine he has used all season.

Prescott asked McCarthy in the middle of the week about what the Cowboys’ head coach needed from his franchise quarterback for Sunday’s match. McCarthy gave a simple answer.

“I need you to keep being exactly who you are,” McCarthy replied.

That’ll be key for Dak Prescott. He can’t let the moment get too big for him. And make no mistake – it’s a big moment.

The San Francisco 49ers are a familiar face. It is almost the same team that made it to the Super Bowl two years ago. They are physical, fast, and possess a variety of weapons. This isn’t your average six seed.

Although the Cowboys look like a Super Bowl contender. Prescott is playing like he’s on an adventure this season. To beat the 49ers on Sunday, Prescott will need to play a big game.

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