Mike McCarthy Reveals Micah Parsons’ Status After Tuesday’s Injury Scare

Micah Parsons, the All-Pro linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, is perhaps one of their most important players. After Parsons’ injury scare, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy wanted to reassure the public.

McCarthy told the media that Parsons was fine following the injury to his left leg he suffered yesterday. McCarthy made it clear to the media that Parsons is fine after the left leg injury he sustained yesterday.

McCarthy’s statement is not a guarantee that it’s the right thing to do. That’s how the Cowboys fans feel right now.

Cowboys fans were pretty unanimous in their response to the statement: Parsons needs to rest for a bit, or until the games begin to have meaning.


“Tell him we don’t need him today, talk a walk, well see him back at practice next week. I don’t care if its just a papercut,” one fan wrote in reply to Cowboys insider Jon Machota.

Another person wrote: “Sit him Down mike .”

A third person suggested, “He can sit down and wait until the 6th of September.”

Parsons’ scare was a minor setback for the Cowboys. You have to wonder, with less than a month left before the start of the season, how they will manage Parsons for the next couple weeks.

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