Mike McCarthy Reveals If He Regrets The Final Play Call

On Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys shocked sports world by running a quarterback draw with only 14 seconds remaining and no timeouts. Dak Prescott couldn’t spike the ball in time, making it a costly decision.

This Wednesday’s media session saw McCarthy, Cowboys’ head coach, being asked about Sunday’s final play against the 49ers.

McCarthy believes that calling a draw for a quarterback was the right decision, despite many Cowboys fans questioning Kellen Moore, Cowboys offensive coordinator.

McCarthy defends the play-call for the second time.

“Do you want to be running a Hail Mary play from the 50-yard line or do you want to run five verticals form the 25-yard line?” McCarthy said in Sunday’s postgame press conference, via ESPN. “So, that’s the decision, it’s the right decision.”

McCarthy believes that the play-call was not the problem. McCarthy believes that the problem was in the execution between the Cowboys, and the official spot.

No matter what McCarthy thinks about it, NFL fans will be questioning this decision for at most the next few weeks.

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