Former NFL Coach Has Brutally Honest Admission On Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore, Cowboys’ offensive coordinator, has been named one of the best head coaches in this cycle. Some are starting to doubt that the 33-year old assistant can lead an NFL team after the disappointing season in Dallas.

Dave Wannstedt, a former head coach of the NFL, believes that the answer is no.

“Kellen Moore… He is not ready for a job as a head coach in my opinion,” he stated on today’s episode of The Colin Cowherd podcast.

Wannstedt believes Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy should’ve stepped in and taken over the Dallas offense during the last stretch of the season.

He added, “I thought Mike McCarthy should have taken that offense by his shoulders and said, Hey guys, I’ve been there –I’ve done it — I want to play a larger role in this offense.” “That football team lost its confidence around three quarters of the season.”

Although Wannstedt might not be convinced in Kellen Moore’s ability to coach the NFL, many franchises believe he is worth a closer look.

Interviews have already been conducted by the Cowboys’ OC with Jaguars and Broncos. Meetings were also requested by the Dolphins and Vikings.

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